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Thursday, December 29, 2005

I was smelling fish. Oh man! was I smelling fish! Everytime I went out to the patio, seafood smells attacked my nose. The other day I decided to locate the source. I looked behind the gas tanks--nothing. I looked under the washing machine--nothing. I checked the grill--nothing. Finally, I jumped up into the stationery tub and there it was--five beautiful, large seashells drying in the sink. The sun was shining into the sink and that felt oh so warm. So I decided to stay and take a nap. The problem was the points on the shells. Ouch! They were heavy shells so I couldn't move them and Mom had them spread out all over that sink.

I went back into the house just in time to hear that the staff will be gone all day on Friday to see some pyramids built by the ancient Maya indians. I should have stayed in the sink.

Daddy's nephew, Ruben, is here from Mexico City this week and he has really turned this house upside down. Gordo and I don't mind him, but his friends--YUCK! They are noisy and they move around a lot. But the worst thing they do is to use all the chairs and the couch. Gordo will walk right up to them and yell that they are in HIS spot. I just generally race throughout the house, creating as much confusion as possible. We are always so relieved when the friends finally leave--way too late at night. I should have stayed in the sink.

Sunday, Christmas Day, was filled with confusion. Daddy and Ruben were enjoying their coffee in the breakfast room and Mom and her friends were in the living room. Suddenly, Gabriel appeared. Soon, the three men went out. Shortly after that, Mom's friends left. Gordo and I settled down for a nice morning nap. Mom was busy on her computer. In a short while, the men returned with beer, potato chips, ice and three other men! Daddy began tearing up a closet in search of a cooler and this house was frenetic again. People everywhere. Mom was hyper and finally she just sort of exploded. Gordo and I could not believe that! The men all went outside and mom went upstairs. Shortly all 7 of them left for the beach. While Gordo and I were sad that they left, we were grateful for the peace and quiet. They were gone all day and into the night. I think Mom found the seashells while she was on the beach.

Well, Ruben is still asleep this morning but all will not be peaceful. Mom's friends just called and are coming over. So I will sign off and go back to the sink. Happy New Year to all. I think I'll stay in the sink!


  • At 11:46 AM, Anonymous Aunt Beth said…

    Hi, Rocko:

    I'm glad your staff has returned to care for you and Gordo properly.

    Susanna sends her warmest greetings. She is currently trying-out her new state-of-the-art, electric litter box. The sensor activates 10 minutes after the cat leaves the box, so she's testing it by using the box every 15 minutes. You'd like her. She is very systematic.

    Love and Kitty Treats:
    Susanna and Aunt Beth

  • At 11:49 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hi, Rocko:

    This is Susanna. I just want to clarify the post my Mom just left for you.

    The litter box is an atrocity!!! How can I possibly claim my home in an appropriate manner, if that mechanical monster sweeps away all traces of my existence minutes after I leave them.

    I'm drinking water as fast as I can, but I'm exhausted. Any ideas????

    Con Mucho Gusto

  • At 1:51 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

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