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Thursday, September 15, 2005

I had word from the Mothership late yesterday that Mom is OK!!! It seems that she went to visit The Dame and The Dame sent vibes. Gordo says he got the same word! Oh how we wish Staff would come home! They've been gone a little over a week and the Mothership says it will be next Tuesday before they get home. We are being well fed, but it's just not the same when a little old lady comes in twice a day and puts food in our bowl and fresh water in our dish and then leaves again. We miss Staff talking to us and giving us food and cuddles whenever we ask.

Gordo and I knew Staff were leaving, though they never actually told us. But we heard them talking to other humans and we saw the suitcases go out the door. Why they never left those suitcases open long enough for us to get in them! How inconsiderate! I hid under the couch and Gordo stayed in his box by the front door. I was just too sad to think that we would be all alone. And you know what? They didn't even leave the bedroom doors open! If we go upstairs, there is no place to go except into a bathroom. Now why would we want to sleep in the shower stall? And the little old lady won't let me out on my patio. Oh, how I miss my patio!

It is hard being here without Staff. Gordo cries a lot and nothing I do or say seems to make any difference to him. I found a play mouse though and sometimes I hurl that around to entertain myself. And Gordo found a feather. He loves that feather.

I'll just bet Mom and Dad are having a good time and meeting other kitties. I heard from yet another cat last night-Nose. Now who in hell would name a cat "Nose"? Nose has a housemate, "Sweetie" and Sweetie says Mom and Dad are very friendly and loving. Well, I certainly hope they don't fall in love with Sweetie and forget about us. Nose and Sweetie are two of a five-cat household but I don't know the names of the other three cats. Nose tells me that they share their home with a dog, Mollie, who is overweight. Oh! I think one of the cats is named "Molly-Moo" and she has an infection that means she has NO FUR on her tail. She seems not to interact with the other cats and the dog. And she NEVER goes outside into her yard. I would be so embarrassed if I had no fur on my tail that I don't think I would go outside either.

Anyway, here I am in Cancun, Mexico while my Staff are in Arlington, Virginia. Nothing very exciting happens here. I hope Mom brings me some kitty pot!! American kitty pot is much better than the Mexican stuff. I should have sent The Dame a message about that yesterday. Oh well, I'll just concentrate really hard and maybe Mom will get the message.

I'm sorry I did not write anything last week, but I was just too depressed. Next week though, I shall write again AFTER MY STAFF GET HOME!! In the meantime, thanks to Nose and The Dame for sending us messages and we hope Staff have a good trip.


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