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Saturday, September 03, 2005

I know I'm a day late. Stupid Staff couldn't figure out how to sign into this website yesterday to type for me. I'm sorry!!

I have been attacked twice a day every day for a week now by staff so they could squirt some greasy medicine into my ears. I have suffered much abuse! Mom squirts the stuff in and hangs onto my ear with a mighty grip. When I try to shake my head, she squeezes my ear all the harder. OUCH!! I cry and moan and Daddy, who is anchoring me to the table, tells me to "Shhhh". What's up with that? Mom is ripping my ear from my head!

Gratefully, Mom has announced that my ear is now clean and I no longer have to suffer this humiliation every day. And, by the way, where the hell is my brother? He certainly is not in the room checking on my welfare! He has chickened and run under the dining room table!

I am a bit sad today. I hear Mom and Daddy telling people that they plan to go on a trip on Wednesday. Thanks be to the Mothership, they are not planning to take us with them, but we would like it a lot if they never left home again. And they're going to be gone for TWO WEEKS! Oh dear, what will happen to us. Gordo says that Mom has told him that the nice lady who fed us last year will come over every day and feed us again. But she won't open the back door, so we won't have access to our yard for two weeks! I LOVE my back yard! oh, woe is me!

Mom and I have been watching TV a lot this week. I see all sorts of people being rescued. But I don't see any cats. Are there no cats in Louisiana? I saw a poor little dog about Wednesday in Biloxi. The little dog was sort of swimming along in flood waters near Biloxi. I certainly hope his family found him. But Mom tells me there are two groups of volunteers who will help kitties and doggies when they are in trouble:EARS and NOAH'S WISH. I hope you will consider either volunteering or sending either of these groups a donation. I just saw a little puppy named Goliath who had been tied to a tree at the airport because his staff was not allowed to take him with them when they boarded a bus for Texas. Poor Goliath. I know his little heart was broken. But some kind man found him and is taking care of him. That is a good thing.

Well, those are my thoughts for this week.


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