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Friday, December 23, 2005

Feliz Navidad! I wrote a letter yesterday in which I explained what has been going on in our lives lately. This letter was written to Mom's ex-husband and his wife. I will share it here so all of you will know too, what we have been up to. I do want to say that Daddy was very good to me and Gordo during Hurricane Wilma, which sat over us for about 40 hours, scaring us right out of our fur. He worked very hard to keep the water from coming into the house and he had stocked up on tons of cat food! Cancun was almost wiped off the map but we were safe and very well fed.

And now for the letter:

Dear “Aunt Karen and Uncle Joe,”

Mom FINALLY came home! And she brought lots of goodies from you. Gordo and I really like the toys and sometimes we find where Mom and Daddy store them and play with them during the night. Our dinner trays are wonderful! And the Litter Box mat is really nice too. Mom likes it because now there is very little kitty litter on the carpet.

Gordo has been sick for a few weeks with ringworm but I have been very lucky. No medicines for me! Gordo had some sort of pink liquid forced down his throat twice a day and some really yucky tasting cream spread over his fungus. I make it a point to clean his ears many times during the day, but the cream was on his ears so I had to stop doing that YUCK!!!

Gordo is better now and doesn’t have to get any more medicines. So he sleeps a lot on the back of mom’s chair. Yesterday, Mom got out of the chair to answer the door and Gordo got in the chair. Mom was not real happy, but…

Later, Gordo was attacked by hunger pains and abandoned the chair. Look what happened next:

I, Rocko, got the chair!! However, I am such a polite cat that when Mom finished dinner and came back to the chair, she didn’t even have to ask me to get out. I just did.

Mom showed us your pictures and we think they are very nice. You guys look like really great people. Her son is lucky to have so many parents!! We are lucky too that you send us all the toys.

Mom says she will really miss being at the big family party with all of you. But WE ARE NOT LETTING HER OUT OF OUR SIGHT AGAIN! You will just have to make do without her and Daddy.

It has gotten cool here, especially at night. Last night Mom had on her winter nightshirt and SOCKS when she went to bed. Sometimes they cover us so we won’t get cold either. We really purr when they do this. It doesn’t matter that they use towels to cover us. We are warm at last.

Mom has talked often about how wonderful you were to her: gifts, taking her out for lunch and dinner, etc., and how supportive you were about Stephen. She really appreciates all you did for her. We thank you for being so nice and thoughtful to her.

I understand you have a cat named Melvin. Take good care of him and thank him too for being nice to Mom and for the toys. Maybe you could ask someone to send us a picture of Melvin. We would like to meet him someday.

There are many kittens who live in this condo. They come down here every day to see us and one of them even knocks on the door. At least two of them are all black and two are chocolate-point Siamese. They are so cute! I don’t know their names except that one black one is named “Otro” which means “Other”. I think his catstaff ran out of names, don’t you?

Their Mom is a chocolate point and she broke through the back window screen one night! Scared the hell out of me!!!

Gordo and I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a good New Year. Mom told us what she has gotten for you as a gift and we approve. We think you should get some really good cat food for Melvin as well as a lot of nutritious food for yourselves.

Gordo would sign this letter with me but he is sound asleep in Mom’s chair, which means she is sitting right on the edge to type. He is really selfish with the chair!

Purringly yours,


To all who read this blog: Gordo and I wish for you a very merry Christmas and a happy, prosperous New Year. Mom always signs her Christmas letter with a quote from a Sesame Street song: Keep Christmas With You All Through the Year. We hope you will be able to do that as well.

I'm tired of typing now so I will sign off and go find my box on the patio. Sweet dreams all.


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